Makalú Rent

Machinery to reach the top

This is one of those projects that will just stay in my portfolio. I’m proud of the work I made.

The client needed a brand for a new construction machinery rental company. The naming was the first phase of the brand identity design process.

It had to be strong and with a strong personality. Strength, height, toughness… those are some of the words that come to our minds when we think about machinery. But those are the words that we think about when we see a mountain.

Makalu is one of the highest mountains on the planet at 8463 meters tall, and it fits the brand characteristics: Makalú Rent. The original syllable carrying the stress changed to Makalú to give a stronger pronunciation in Spanish.

Here you can see the result of this new brand.

My role

  • Naming ideation
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design